Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photos, even those showing the scale of the item, are not a substitute for the real thing. There have been many times when I've known the exact dimensions of an item and seen the photographs, and then have been surprised when I finally received it. It's either smaller or larger than I imagined, or the colors are not exactly what I had hoped for. (I do this all the time with gemstones. It's happened so often that I really hesitate to buy them online.)

That's the problem with buying jewelry or clothing online. Without touching it or holding it against you, you're only guessing at what it will look like on.

Seeing it modeled can give you a little better idea of how the item might look like on. But I've heard lots of contradictory views about using a live person. Lots of people feel uncomfortable about someone wearing items before they buy them.

We each have our own views on this. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing jewelry - even earrings - modelled. It can give you a good idea of how the jewelry will look on. But I know seeing earrings on a live person would really gross some people out. (Me, I'm more skittish about seeing hats being modeled on people. Yeeech! But that's just me.)

So I try to strike a balance in my shop. None of my earrings are modeled on people. I give the dimensions and, to provide perspective, always show a photo of the earrings in my hand. With my necklaces, however, I like to show one photo of them on a real live neck. (I hope that won't gross out too many potential buyers.)

OK, this brings us to a slightly different topic. Models.

First of all, I won't model necklaces. I've tried to, but I run into 2 dillemas:
  • no one in my family can take a reasonable photo

  • no one would want a necklace modeled on my neck. My modeling days are long past. (Please see comment above above grossing people out)
My 17-yr old daughter, Katie, however, is lovely and anything she models looks beautiful. BUT, she doesn't want to do it! I have to beg, coerse, shame, and even BRIBE her to model. (Yes, I have stooped that low.)

Her excuse?
"I feel so used. It's like I'm not a real human being, I'm just a neck."

I had the upper hand this week - her friend asked her to go on spring break with her. So of course she would do ANYTHING while waiting for a (hopefully positive) decision from her parents.

Oh yes. Everytime I asked her to model a necklace, she smiled and sweetly said, "yes".

Here's a picture of Katie modeling my Pearl Cluster Necklace:
Now I have to run and make some more new necklaces before I give Katie a decision about spring break.

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  1. XUE said...
    As a mother, I'll do the same stooping! I wouldn't mind Katie modeling the pieces if I want to buy them.
    Contrariwise said...
    LOL thanks.

    BTW I've had people convo me requesting a photo of a particular set of earrings worn on a person. I can certainly appreciate them wanting to see them on a real live person. Of course I sent them photos!
    Unknown said...
    LOL at your daughter! She is GOOD!

    Your necklace is beautiful - off to check out your shop!
    TheBrassHussy said...
    I've been trying to bribe my 8 yr old son to model some necklaces, but haven't found the proper motivator yet.
    Unknown said...
    my mom is a painter and illustrator - i feel your daughters pain and understand your frustration! one time my mom dressed me up as a mini chef- hat and all. its in her studio, I am hiding it from my boyfriend. hahah
    Unknown said...
    I think models help a lot!
    It certainly helps with clothing.
    I try when styling photo shoots to get my own designs on the model-without being too pushy...
    I love how they turn out because photographing jewelry on the mannequin doesn't always show the

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