Friday, March 21, 2008

Crafting links

How cute is this! What a great thing to do with the kids for Easter or spring! I have never seen these before but I think I'm going to have to make them with my daughter. My only problem are the robin egg whoppers I like them so much I refuse to buy them because I might go through an entire bag in one sitting. I think I'll be much safer using jelly beans. ).Directions on how to make your own chocolate bird's nest are from The Angry Chicken.

Did you know that The Graphics Fairy posts a free Vintage & Victorian clipart download every day!

The graphics are part of her large collection and include old wallpaper, early photos, advertising pieces, Victoriana scraps, and other assorted ephemera.

They make me want to run right out and try my hand at making a collage.

You're free to use all clip art and photos, with the exception of the banner, in any of your projects created for resale or pleasure. (You are asked, however, to limit yourself to just 4 vintage cliparts per project.)

Decorating eggs is a custom that dates back before what we know as Easter was ever celebrated. Eggs are a symbol of spring, renewal, and fertility for many cultures. And sometimes they are works of art.

Here's a link to six ways to color easter eggs. Some of these you're familiar with. some of these are amazing. And some are quite a bit different. And none of them use PAAS.

The article contains links to tutorials for all of them.

Accent Yourself Jewelry creates Briolette Flower Pendants using both semi-precious and glass briolette beads and a variety of smaller beads for the center of the flower.

She's been kind enought to create a tutorial on how it done!

She also has a great etsy shop which includes these briolette flowers pendants as well as chainmaille and, something I'm a sucker for, sea glass. (Yes, I have my own small collection of sea glass to which I'm adding all the time. Someday I hope to get some time and work on creating some of my own sea glass jewelry. Until then, I'll probably need to get a bigger container for my collection :-)

Links that amuse me:

  • We've all heard of urban legends, those plausible sounding but false stories that circulate so widely on email and news groups, such as the old lady who microwaved her cat, or the Nieman-Marcus $250 cookie recipe. Well, this site debunks Kitchen Urban Legends

  • Neverland Ranch. Amazing collection of photographs that were taken this month.

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  1. High Desert Diva said...
    Very informative post!

    The edible Easter egg nest is very cool.

    Thanks for the image download link!
    Anonymous said...
    Those eggs are something. Carving looks almost impossible... at least for me :)

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