Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today I went shopping. I just wanted to buy 2 kinds of silver beads for the "Nothing but Sterling" earrings in my shop.

That's all that I needed. No more. No less.

So off I went to a local bead shop, the Bead Palace. (Yes, that's the name. The Bead Palace is owned by an entertaining Indian family. They actually own their own mines in India and China, with workers who mine and cut the stones for them.)

On my last 2 visits to there, I went in with a grocery list, and came out with exactly what I needed. Temptation was there, but I didn't succomb.

I really don't need any more beads or gemstones. I have so many of them lying around in bags, waiting to be incorporated into jewelry. I have months of projects that I could be working on!

This time however, the Bead Palance must have gotten a new shipment of gems. They had labradorite briollettes, and some love light light purple amethysts, cut into smooth teardrop shapes. Oh, and some light blue chalcedony in graduated rondelles. And so many more!

It was so hard with all the temptations around me. I couldn't resist. I had to get something new.

I finally decided I could not live without these baubles: lovely spring-green prehnite marquise-faceted gemstones:

They're such a great color of green. They make me think of tender new green shoots bursting out of the warm soil on an early spring day.

I've had a number of people ask me to post a tutorial on how to wire-wrap briolette (teadrop) stones. These beads inspired me. So I decided it was time.

I created some wire-wrapped earrings tonight, took some photos, and will be posting a tutorial tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

BTW, when I got home with my stash, my dog, seemed relatively unimpressed. This is her usual location in my "bead room" formerly known as my college-bound son's room. (Yes, we had to fumigate it.)

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  1. Earmark Social said...
    oh your dog is so cute! i love your blog! let me know how the myspace for dummies works out for you :)
    JLC Studio said...
    Too funny! I do the exact same thing when I go to my bead store! We are bad!!
    Unknown said...
    I love your blog and your sense of humor. I am always bad at the bead store!
    Unknown said...
    What a lovely dog! And I am dying for want to have some of my own jemstones just like yours! They are outstandingly beautiful.

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