Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On her way to the Olympics!

...well, maybe we're a few years off. But I thought I would share some pictures from Emma's last gymnastics' meet. (BTW, Emma is 12.) This is from her floor routine:

I think I could probably do most of these moves too...except they would be quickly followed with a huge splash from our swimming pool.

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  1. Bonghi Vestiti said...
    What a doll! This brings back so many memories...My kids were in everything...2 were High school and college track stars(paid for their college!)...enjoy every minute and you have the right to be proud!!
    Unknown said...
    You must be soooo proud!
    Anonymous said...
    Yayy Emma! I was a gymnast, too, and really enjoyed seeing that slide show. None of my girls really got into it, unfortunately, preferring snowboarding and dance, instead :(

    Her form is lovely. Nicely pointed toes and such :)

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