Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gem and Mineral Show!

Twice a year, there's a small Gem and Mineral Show at the local fairgrounds. Of course it doesn't compare to the ones in Arizona or other cities out west. But, short of traveling out there, it's the best that I have and I look forward to it.

I hit the show on Saturday - so many pretty and shiny things! But I always hold back. My husband will just see the receipts and shake his head. Do I really need another strand of beads?

I only bought a few things.

Of course I went home and thought about what I had missed out on. Why didn't I buy some mother of pearl beads which are priced HALF of what I would pay at my local bead shop? How about those kyanite beads which I've been lusting after for so long?? Then what about the many things that were just so unusual??? Why didn't I buy them?!!!

Luckily the show was still open on Sunday - and the admission was good for both days!

Yes I went back. I always do. And I always spend WAY too much money

Here are the latest additions to my stash:
Just added these to my stash!
Some labrodorite, prehnite, mother of pear, kyanite (aren't those long beads wonderful!) and some other stuff! It may not look like all that much, but I spent more than a couple hundred dollars. And that's after the silver order I placed this week - about $250 ! I'm sure that most jewelry artists think this is a really minor purchase, but I only do this part time as a hobby so this is quite a lot for me. (Selling my jewelry helps with the costs. So far I've been pretty much breaking even.)

The first thing I made was a brand new ring from some amazing mother-of-pearl mosaic beads. (I already listed the ring in my online shop!) I'd never seen any like these beads before and I probably paid too much - but they're so pretty! They have an amazing flash. (I only bought 3 beads.)

Tomorrow I'm taking a jewelry class on how to make bezel-set pendants- the first jewelry class I've ever taken in my life! I bought a fossil just for tomorrow. (You can see it in the upper center in my stash.) I thought it would look great set and hung from some turqoise heishi.

I'm going to bring my camera to the class and take some photos. I'll plan on posting them later this week!

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  1. Catherine said...
    I love the cream and gold beads on the top right. And, of course, the kyanite is beautiful. Have fun at your class!
    Contrariwise said...
    Those cream and gold beads will be going into a bracelet. I definitely have plans for them!

    The kyanite reminds me of ancient Roman glass. The kind with irridescence because of being buried for centuries. I can't wait to work with it.

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