Friday, March 7, 2008

Yes, I had good intentions. I was going to do Gemmafactrix' 30 day Design-A-Day challenge and I was going to work religiously on it.

Unfortunately, life got in the way. During the 30 days, I went on 2 business trips (Dallas and San Diego), had one birthday event (my son's 21st--OMG! I must have given birth at the age of 11!), and one trip to Phoenix for my daughter's national gymnastics meet (which she came in 1st. Go Emma!).

I managed to create a new design 15 days in a row which, I guess, isn't too bad. Some of these have been listed in my Etsy shop but most haven't. (Hey, it take time to take the photos! Plus some of the designs weren't really that good. LOL.)

Preamble over. Catharsis achieved. Now I feel much better.

Last weekend a local bead shop had a trunk show and I picked up some wonderful natural turquoise beads. New beads always inspire me and I couldn't wait to work with them.

I finished a new set of earrings with them yesterday and decided to wear them today. And, would you believe this, I had somebody buy them off my ears! The first time this has ever happened to me! It just made my day.

Tomorrow: gymnastics in Louisville. 1 foot of snow already on the ground. More expected.


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  1. maoiliosa said...
    WOW. congrats on your sporatic sale! that must have felt really good :). the earrings are beautiful, it's no wonder!
    Jennifer said...
    You did much better than I did on the design-a-day challenge. I managed 3 designs, one of which I never finished, and didn't even do them 3 days in a row. I think every 4 days I was creating a new design. I decided to give time right now to craft every day!
    Anne said...
    I wrote a little bit about you in my blog My oldest son will be 21 soon as well. I thought I would feel much more mature when he was in college. I feel like I just finished college myself. (And I had him when I was 30.) Maybe its because the music we listened to then, and the grunge "fashion" we wore are so popular again its like time overlapped on itself.

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