Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New bracelet design

So today I'm back at work, ready for another year in my cubicle! Yeah! (Yes, you probably realize that it's my first day back and I'm already posting in my blog. But it's lunchtime right now, so I can goof off for a while.)

I created this bracelet over the holidays and listed it on January 1st. It's a really hefty piece of silver jewelry, made with 16 gauge wire, hammered and polished up in my tumbler.

The design is made up of spirals and squares. There are no jump rings connecting the components together. Instead, I incorporated the "links" in the squares. It might have been easier if I knew how to solder - I could have soldered jumprings right onto the squares. Instead, I incorporated the links in the design of the squares. I practised a lot before getting it right.

Each of the spirals in the bracelet is about an inch and a half long. Being that long, they don't sit well on your wrist, unless they are curved. So spiral and square is gently curved so that it gracefully wraps around your wrist . (Think of hown a bangle is curved.)

I have a lot of other new jewelry that I made, but I haven't listed it in my online shop yet. (The best strategy for Etsy is to space out your listings. ) It optimizes the number of online views you get.

WARNING. Here comes an Etsy newbie tip:
Each time you list an item, it screens across the bottom of the etsy homepage, and it also appears in the "time machine" functions. It also raises you to the top of the category list in whatever top-level category you've chosen for your item (which a viewer sees when she or he chooses that category under the the "sell" page). For these reasons, it's best to space out your listings instead of posting them all at once when they're ready. Posting once or twice a day if you can is great. In December, with all the holiday shopping, I tried to post at least twice a day. Now that things have slowed down, I'll try to list or relist an item once a day.

Stay tuned....

A Very Happy New Year To All!


  1. idyll hands said...
    Oooooh - great bracelet!
    Contrariwise said...
    Thank you so much!

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