Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What to wear to the casino

First thank you to Tizzalicious for mentioning me in her blog!

She bought these earrings from my shop for her mother's birthday. --->
All I have to say is that she must have a really cool mom. My mother would never wear anything like this!
Tizzalicious has got a great shop on Etsy and she even has her own website! Lots of cute stuff.

In fact, if you like to gamble, I think that this matching brooch and necklace that Tizzalicious makes would be great to wear to the casino and might even bring you luck!

Aren't they fun! I think she's going to have to make some matching dice earrings, too.

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  1. Tizzalicious said...
    Thank you for mentioning me! :D

    I actually had matching earrings, but they sold out very quickly! Once I get my hands on more of those lightweight poker chips (I wouldn't want to wear the normal ones in my ear, ouch!) I'll make more :D

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