Thursday, January 31, 2008

Design A Day: Day 2

I'm tired.

I came home early from work because 2 kids are sick and we have an impending snowstorm. (The kids phoned me and begged me to come home. Why did I bother? When I got home, they were either asleep or engrossed in the computer. Sigh.)

So now the kids are fed. I played cards with them. My husband is still working and I'm holding his dinner for him. He won't be home for a while so I'll thought I'd post in the blog. Here goes:

I started these earrings last night and there wasn't much left to do to get them finished today. The gemstones are wonderful; really large faceted lemon quartz that I bought a couple of months ago and never got around to using: I took the photo on a window ledge to take advantage of the last bit of the winter's light. Otherwise, it would have meant me taking the photo in the dreaded "light box of doom". (Da da da DUMMMMMM.)

Day 3 is already planned. Stay tuned!

FEBRUARY 1 Update: These are now listed in my Etsy store.


  1. Lynn said...
    These are BEAUTIFUL! Please teach us how to wrap like that!! Please?
    Contrariwise said...
    I still thinking of doing that tutoria!

    In the mean time ,more wire wrapping will be coming for day 3. Stay tuned.
    Justin Miller said...
    Very nice earrings.

    I look forward to day 3
    blackmustard said...
    This is a gorgeous photo of gorgeous earrings! I love those stones.
    Gemheaven said...
    Gorgeous!! Love the photo too :)
    twiddlestix said...
    Beautiful! And thanks for inspiring me to try the "design a day" thing! Congrats on 3 days running!
    Pam @ The Blue Between said...
    very pretty - I like your square wire too.

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