Thursday, January 3, 2008


"...he was here just a minute ago."



  1. Regina said...
    How fun! My kids love to watch the birds. Our collection of feeders is ever-growing. =) They are fascinated by the mockingbird and his love of apples this week.
    Regina (Lexi)
    LoveMeKnot Creations said...
    absolutely the cutest picture!
    KMalinkaVintage said...
    Amazing picture!
    kecia deveney said...
    hello! nice to see a new face at my blog! this is a cute picture! last summer i was photographing baby wrens who had just left their bird house and then were just bee bopping all over my yard - so i got my camera out. one of them was in a pine tree on the end, so with my zoom lens i got in nice and close and then all of a sudden he was gone! but as i lowered my camera, i realized he had jumped onto my camera. it was so cute. the picture i did take of him was right before he hopped onto the lens, so you can see his back end at the top of the picture. quite funny. when i had my husband come outside and told him what happened and showed him the little bird, i put my lens in close again to show him - and darn if the little guy didn't do it again!

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