Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, somebody wants to make it easier for you to do so.

Gee, Just what I need (note the sarcasm, please): office cutlery made from biodegradable starch that fits over your desk pen. Link
(Din-Ink brought to you by Andrea Cingoli, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini and Francesca Fontana for the DesignBoom Dining )


  1. Chris Cactus said...
    I saw that the other day. Great idea!
    Furkid Fever Pet Fashions said...
    Wow!! What next hey? Too funny.
    Unknown said...
    OK, that is weird and cool at the same time!!!
    Contrariwise said...
    OK, I eat at my desk most days - lunch is my time to surf the internet. But I know it's not a great idea.

    I keep thinking about a study I read about that claimed there were 1000 x more bacteria on a computer keyboard and an office phone than on an office toilet seat.
    ( )

    All I can say is, at least the bacteria on my keyboard are MY bacteria.


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