Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bringing a sketch to life

In my last post, I wrote about sketching out new designs.  Well, here's the work in progress.

When it's finished, it'll be going to Hope.

Hope has been waiting for this ring for a long time.  She wanted to another ring in my shop but someone beat her to it. Then we spent a couple months looking for a cab until we found one that she liked on eBay.  Then she had to wait a week for the auction to finish.  (Luckily I won it - which doesn't seem to happen a lot for me.)

So when I got the cab I drew a few sketches and she decided she liked design #5.  Unfortunately, that design required beaded wire that I didn't have.  

It then took another couple of weeks, but when I got home on Friday, I was so happy to see the long awaited box of supplies sitting by my front door.  (With TWO dog biscuits on it.  The UPS man always leaves a biscuit for Indy and a biscuit for MooShu.)

Now FINALLY I have everything and, as you can see, her ring is on my workbench right now.  It's still a little rough, but with some filing and tumbling, it should look pretty good, I hope.

And here's a few more items on my workbench this weekend.
The "Pick a cab and design your own ring/pendant" listing in my Etsy shop turned out better than I expected.  It turned out so well, that I won't be accepting any more custom orders until I get these out the door!   But I'm definitely planning to run it again in the near future.


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  1. Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...
    Looking good!
    Anonymous said...
    Can't wait to see the finished product!
    Happy Memorial Day!

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