Monday, May 3, 2010

What's on my workbench right now

I spent about 6 hours making/finishing pendants on Saturday and even with all the time I spent, I didn't complete a single project.  What you can see above are pendants in varying stages of completion, as well as earrings/earring components.  Several pendants only need chains, but I still need to make/attach them, decide upon what kind of clasps I want and then make them.  And I know its going to take longer that I really want it to. 

In case you're wondering what kind of stones these are, going clockwise starting at the upper left: a blue/green chrysocolla, a bird's eye rhyolyte, a Prudent Man Agate, and a Flower Jasper.

I wonder if other metalworkers are as slow as I am?  Lots of times I don't have the entire completed piece in my mind, but I'll create it as it develops.  So I'll often be at a loss as to what to do next.  This means that a half-completed piece will go on my shelf, waiting for inspiration to hit me.

I'm feeling a little bit of frustration and it may be time to take a break from soldering.  I have a couple of wirework commissions and maybe I'll focus on that area for a while.


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  1. kathleen grant said...
    where do you get your chain from
    I just got sterling chains on ebay from hong kong
    they were only 2$ each and I think are pretty nice.
    sometime artists just take longer on some pieces. I know I do and sometimes I have to just put it down and walk away and come back later.
    wireknot (kathleen)
    Contrariwise said...
    I get most of my chain from either Thunderbird Supply or Monsterslayer. I found a style I like and buy it in bulk. Last time, I purchased 100 feet and it's lasted me a while.
    hopestudios said...
    i love your chains you use, too. these are going to be gorgeous additions to list! i don't think i can pick a favorite. they are all so nice!
    Julie B said...
    I'm slow, too! I work in the same fashion, so I also have many partly finished pieces sitting on my bench. It can be frustrating, but I'm learning to just trust the process, knowing that when the time is right a solution will be found. In the meantime I'll work on simple production pieces,clean the studio or get out my sketchbooks and work up some new designs. I think it's all part of the creative process.

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