Monday, May 3, 2010

Because MooShu is such a little guy, he's very sensitive to temperatures.  During the winter he got cold so quickly.  We wanted to make sure that he didn't get chilled, so we let his hair get long during the winter months - and kept him bundled up in sweaters when it got really chilly.

This didn't mean he didn't get a trim now and then. 

Because it's so inconvenient to routinely take him to the groomers, I decided that I would take the shears into my own hands.  Over the years I've trimmed the hair of my husband and son, so I thought I could do the same for MooShu.  So I bought some pet clippers and sharp scissors and kept him tidy.  Plus it was fun trying shape his hair and allow him to grow out his whiskers and a top knot.  (And look at that cute little beard!)

But now that the warmer weather's arrived, he gets hot very quickly - his fur is dark and it tends to absorb the heat.  But there's another problem: his fur is just so soft.  MooShu is a cross between a maltese and a yorkie and, rather than the silky hair of a yorkie, he's inherited the hair of a maltese.  It's so soft and fluffy that it tends to mat.  Between the heat and the knots, it seemed that a haircut was in order.
But, of course, before the haircut, comes a bath.

Why is it, no matter how casual and nonchallant I might be, he knows. 

Yes, he knows. 

And he runs.
I chase him around the living room and, eventually, he decides that it's no use.  He cowers, shows me the underside of his belly, and I pick him up and away we go for to the kitchen sink.

But this time, there was more than just a routine bath.  Yes, much, much more.

It was time for (...cue the music...) T.H.E.  H.A.I.R.C.U.T.

It takes all of our patience. And about half a cup of Cheerios, a favorite treat. 

Then, after it was over, we probably had enough hair left over for another Mooshu.  Maybe even two

And now, with his hair shorn off, he looks like a little puppy again!

Although he definitely felt the entire process was an ordeal, it seems as though he's really enjoying his new haircut.  He's been running around more than ever, playing and chasing after his toys. 

He's so full of joy and seems to be pleased with himself and with everything around him.  Oh, except for one thing. 

After all the trauma I put him through, I'm persona non grata - he's pretty much avoided me for the past few days. 

But I think it was worth it.


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  1. Mani on a Budget said...
    Wow! That's a ton of fluff! He does look super cute though :)
    Julia said...
    Aww, he's a cutie! Looks like he lost quite some weight with that haircut :)
    My Life Under the Bus said...
    You sound just like me when I cut my boys hair ! They all fight over whose NOT going first - LOL ! I just wrote about hair yesterday !!! He is very handsome - with or without hair !
    Lynn from For Love or Funny said...
    Great job! He looks just as cuddly with his new haircut!
    Contrariwise said...
    It's really amazing how much smaller he looks now. That hair gave him BULK.

    Now he's just a shadow of his former self!
    Split Rock Ranch said...
    Awww, he's sooo cute! I need to get our toy poodle bathed and clipped. I think its going to take a lot more to get her done than it did for MooShu!
    Stephanie said...
    awww he does look like a puppy!!

    My dog is always super happy when she gets back from getting her hair cut.
    hopestudios said...
    cuteness alert!!! i think you should make a contrariwise pendant for his that you can see it!
    Unknown said...
    Super Duper Cute Overload :)
    Anonymous said...
    You got off easy with just half a cup of Cheerios. I have a long hair chihuahua puppy. No grooming really except brushing, clipping hair around her feet, cutting toenails. And a B.A.T.H. every few weeks. You'd think I was killing her with 2 inches of water in the sink.

    Glad to know other puppies ignore their humans too. Mine didn't talk to my mom or I for 2 days last week. Why? Because normally we take her with us when we leave the house. This time she stayed behind.

    BTW, either one of Mooshu's looks is cute, but I prefer the shorter 'do he has now!
    Waterrose said...
    He is so adorable. When I looked at the picture at first I thought for sure he was a brussels griffon. That's what I have and he hates hair cuts matter who does them. Once cut, and once again no matter if I do it or the groomer...he doesn't talk to me for
    Contrariwise said...
    I wanted to see what MooShu would look like with his hair grown out and I thought the yorkie-like beard looked so cute on him. (Hard to keep clean, though.)

    I still haven't gotten used to the new cut but he does look more puppy-like.

    And the best thing about hair is that, if I don't like the cut, it eventually grows out!

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