Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm taking a little break from soldering.  I had a frustrating couple of weekends and my brain and my metalwork were at odds with each other.  So I decided to go back to wirewrapping, which I haven't done for a while.

Although wire-wrapping briolettes may be agonizing to some, I find it soothing.  Looping the wire carefully around the stones is almost relaxing to me.  I love getting it just right and ending up with a neat line of wrapped stones lying on my workbench.

I dug out my boxes of beads and gemstones and looked for something to work with. My boxes are color-coded and, being inspired by the spring, the box with pinks and purples called out to me.

These new earrings are of amethyst and peridot and their particular shades of purple and green are a perfect contrast to each other.  They remind me of hyacinths.  I also made similar earrings in rose quartz and amethyst.

After finishing the wire-wrapping, lining up my little creations on the workbench, and sitting there gazing at them,  and felt much better and happier.

I might be ready to tackle soldering again now.

Just listed my my shop a couple minutes ago, more photos of the amethyst earrings can be found here, and photos of the rose quartz are here.


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  1. Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...
    Lovely colour combinations.,
    hopestudios said...
    you DO have a sensitive side. ha!
    these are sweet colorful buds. you must have a steady hand to wrap so uniformly! (must not be a coffee drinker)
    Som's Studio said...
    Gorgeous color combos! And I would love to learn how you do the wire wrapping so neatly!
    Contrariwise said...
    No coffee shakes for me. I do a maximum of 2 cups in the morning to shake the cobwebs out.

    But can you spell O.C.D.?

    Contrariwise said...
    Oh and if you didn't notice, the OCD requires me to wrap one briolette clockwise and the other counterclockwise so that the earrings are mirror images of each other.

    Yes, I know, I have problems. But I work for a pharmaceutical company and we have drugs for them.

    Unknown said...
    Those are so pretty. I still send people to your blog tutorial for wire wrapping briolettes. They are always surprised at how much skill it takes to make them look nice. Yours look sooo nice.

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