Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Part 1 of this series discussed adding a feedreader to promote your blog. Today, the topic is Blog Following.

Recently Blogger added a new feature that allows you to subscribe to other blogs that you find interesting. It's called the Blogger Following feature. You can easily browse the blogs you follow as well as the blogs that follow you, see their posts, and check out the blogs they’re following.

So, ultimately, this is a great way for all of us to promote each other’s blogs.

Adding a follower widget in your sidebar makes it easy for others to follow your blog! And it's so easy.

How to add a follower widget
(1) Login to your Blogger Account
(2) Go to your Layout Page Elements tab
(3) Click “Add a Gadget”
(4) Select “Followers” from the gadgets list.
(5) Save

The Follower Widget will now be in your sidebar. It shows the profile pictures of your followers and gives your readers a “Follow This Blog” link to join up, too.

With a click on the followers icons, you can read their profiles, scope their blogs and posts, and check out the other blogs they’re following. (What fun! )

Plus, the new posts of the blogs you follow will pop up on your reading list in your dashboard. It's an easy way to keep track of a favorite blog and not miss any new posts.

How to follow a blog that has no Follower Widget
If you find a blog you like and want to follow it, but they don't have a Follower Widget in the sidebar, you can still follow it. Here's what you need to do:

At the dashboard you are given the ability to follow other blogs, even if they’re not hosted at

(1) Login to your Blogger Account.
(2) On the Dashboard under the Reading List section, click on ADD Button.
(3) Enter the URL of the blog you would like to follow and choose NEXT. If the blog you just followed is hosted at your avatar will be included in that blog’s followers list.
(4) Choose whether you would like to follow publicly or anonymously.
(5) Now the newly added blog will be seen on your Dashboard's Reading List.

I will be posting more blogging tips for promoting your blog in the next several days, so check back. (Also, if you want to see my archive of blogging tips, click on the tag in my sidebar, "blogging tips".)

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  1. Rick said...
    Nice guidance! And the "follow" feature is simple enough that even I could figure it out! :)
    Anonymous said...
    I love this feature. I've found so many great blogs this way. said...
    I love this feature too....Informative Post - Thanks
    Me said...
    Thanks for this- very cool
    Unknown said...
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