Friday, November 7, 2008

And, once again, here's my regular Friday feature.
Crafts, Tutorials....

Gradient Button Necklace

I think these are the classiest button necklaces I've ever seen. I found
the tutorial at Craftlog.
  • buttons of varying sizes
  • embroidery thread
  • chain if desired


  • Arrange the buttons in order of size.
  • Match buttons of the same size to make it symmetric.
  • Cut a 2 foot length of contrasting or matching embroidery thread as desired.
  • Stagger buttons with one layer on the bottom and another layer on top.
  • Thread through the buttons, alternating top and bottom.
  • Arrange the buttons along the thread until they are distributed in a nice silhouette.
  • Knot the thread at each end to keep the buttons from slipping.
  • Cut off excess thread and tuck ends under.
Necklace can be worn as is by tying the embroidery thread around neck
Lengths of chain can also be tied to each side of the necklace if desired.

Advent Calendar

Bubbly funk has instructions on how to make this advent calendar using old matchboxes!

It's incredibly clever and I think it has many other uses.

For example, I'm sure my daughter would love one of these, in pink, to hold her jewelry.

And what can you do with those ubiquitous styrofoam peanuts?

This interesting diy idea comes from mollie dash and her boyfriend, Bryan. Bryan decided to make this chandelier from packing peanuts- something some of us accumulate more often than we’d like.

Rather than throw them away (only if they’re non-recyclable, of course), why not turn them into something like this?

.....And More!!!

How much is your blog worth.
Dane Carlson from Business Opportunities Weblog created this little applet which computes and displays your blog's worth based on Tristan Louis's research into the value of each link to Weblogs Inc.

All I have to say is, "Do I have any takers?"

And now, because I have nothing else to show you, here is a kitten in a box

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  1. The Great Ethan Allen said...
    Cool cat! and Necklace. My blog is worth $0.00! lol.wonder what I'm doing wrong.
    Morrgan said...
    Those are all excellent ideas! And I like the cat in a box too, haha. Hmm, it seems my blog is worth $4,516.32. Any takers? It's a bargain! ;)
    Morrgan said...
    PS: It seems the button necklace link doesn't work?
    Paw and Claw Designs said...
    i just put that cat on MY blog too :)

    he's so cute! said...
    I love the advent calendar!! Very cool!...and my blog is worth $0.00...Figures....:)
    All Wired Up TOO said...
    Great projects! Love love love teh advent box WAY cool!
    The kitty reminds me of one I had for 19 years..*sniff BUT he's SO cute!
    My blog is worth zip zero nada ZILCH! It's new so I'll check again when it's older!
    Contrariwise said...
    Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I fixed it.
    Udora Body Care said...
    That was a cool link although my blog is not worth no where as much as yours lol it was only $4,516.32. Love the cat in the box. Too cute. I am not sure about the styrofoam though. But a unique idea. Great blog
    Contrariwise said...
    From what I can tell, the blog calculator is based on Technorati stats on how many times your blog has been linked to.
    melissa said...
    Love the kitten in the box!
    Unknown said...
    Lovely blog.
    RagsNehali said...
    that advent calendar is the Styrofoam creative..
    cool blog..
    Bridget said...
    I Love the advent calendar. and your kitty is a sweetie pie.
    Kim Caro said...
    you always have the best posts :)
    Contrariwise said...


    I have a :-) on my face because of you.
    CarolynArtist said...
    omg the kitty in the bag is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OvertheTop said...
    I love that button necklace and coincidentally have similar ones about to be listed in my shop, in colors. I make a lot of button jewelry (have sold most of it & have to make more) and am addicted to them. It's great to see many other sellers of buttons on Etsy! Thanks for posting it. :)

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