Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sightseeing in Vienna with Mooch

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of having Mooch, my daughter's sock toy,accompany me on a business trip to Rome. (You can read about how this all came about, here.)

Well after that trip, Mooch developed wanderlust - it was nigh impossible to keep him from accompanying me from my next trip to Europe. This time it was Vienna

Despite the fact that we were a bit jet-lagged, we decided it was better to stay awake on the first day than take a nap. So we decided to visit one of Vienna's most famous tourist destinations, the Summer Palace, Schloss Schonbrunn. It once was the home of Marie Antoinette:

We also climbed (...OK...took the elevator) to the top of St Stephen's Cathedral to see a great view of the city of Vienna:

Vienna boasts an old clock that rivals the finest in Germany. The clock shows the time by historical figures that move across the clock face. Every hour a different historical figure passes by. Mooch was thoroughly impressed:

While touring one of Vienna's museums, Mooch had a harrowing adventure:

He narrowly managed to get out of his predicament and was a bit upset, as one would expect. A relaxing evening helped and, don't worry, he's none the worse for wear.

Despite his one scary experience, Mooch had a great time and is looking forward to his next great adventure.

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    Great pics!!! Looks like a beautiful place, must be wonderful having a job that lets you travel :0)
    Morgan Street said...
    I'm jealous of Mooch except for the part where he almost got eaten alive! LOL

    Great blog post!!
    Morrgan said...
    Eek, a close call for Mooch! Good thing he got out unharmed. Fun photos and awesome post. :D
    Unknown said...
    That is awesome! My mom is a teacher and takes her school mascot *everywhere* with her... I'm glad she's not alone! ;)
    woolies said...
    Lucky Mooch!
    barbara said...
    Looks like Mooch enjoyed himself... I bet you did too :)
    Contrariwise said...
    The people watching me while I took the photos had a fun time too!
    LiPeony said...
    oh that's awesome.. lovely pictures! I wish I was there... Mooch is cool.. reminds me of that.. garden gnome for expedia that flies around everywhere too.. lolol.. interesting take on a trip!
    Anonymous said...
    How cute! My Grandma and Aunt did that with stuffed Disney characters when we we lived in Italy. :):):)
    Anonymous said...
    Wow! Mooch is really getting around! The photos are priceless; every one of them made me smile (especially the one of Mooch enjoying a brew!)
    Can't wait to see where you two wind up next!

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