Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's Day is coming!

We have a little boutique near us that sells really adorable jewelry and knick-knacks.  I especially like visiting it because they have candy that I used to have when I was a kid.   They have things like candy buttons on rolls of paper, wax bottles filled with sweet colored liquid, wax lips,  Skybars which have 4 flavors (vanilla, chocolate, fudge and peanut butter - I would never eat the vanilla).  They have Razzles which are halfway between candy and gum (which meant they weren't really good candy and they were a pretty poor substitute for gum), and Fizzies, which you can put into milk and turn it into different flavors (entertaining, but pretty yucky as I recall)!

Of course back then, candy used to cost a nickel or a dime. These now cost just a little bit more.

My daughter could probably spend hours deciding over the candy but she also loves the jewelry they have.  Probably because they look like the candy and sweet treats that the shop sells!  But I just found an Etsy seller, Robin's Jewelry Box, that has similar cute items that are really affordable.

Look at that little cupcake necklace!  It really looks good enough to eat!  But that ring is really adorable.  I don't usually buy jewelry since I make it myself, but I don't make things like this!

I think Emma would like that cupcake necklace.

[Follow-up, Sunday evening:  nope, Emma wanted the matching Peanut Butter and Jelly Necklaces.  She's keeping one for herself, and giving one to her best friend. ]

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  1. kathleen grant said...
    I love Valentine's day Check out my lovey dovey gems.
    hopestudios said...
    i actually drooled a little looking at all of them! i love valentine's day with the hearts and the reds and girly!
    Jennifer said...
    I can't believe that cupcake is a necklace!! It looks sooo yummy!

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