Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sonoma Sunrise Ring

I'm really drawn to both red and blue stones. I understand why I like red stones because I wear a lot of red. But I don't wear much blue - and the brighter hues don't suit me at all. But I love it none the less- possibly because it's such an uncommon color for stones.

This is the reason why I've become fascinated with Sonoma Sunrise. Sonora Sunrise stones are made up of Chrysocolla, which is a beautiful blue, and Cuprite, which can have some wonderfully vibrant reds in the better stones.

Whenever I can find them, I try to snap these stones up. I probably have half a dozen of cabs waiting to be made into jewelry, but when I saw this particular one, I couldn't help myself.

The colors are so bright, the pattern so lovely, and the rectangular cut so unique. I just had to have it. And as soon as it arrived in the post, the stone and I had a date in my workshop immediately.

And in my mind, from the first instance I saw it, I knew this stone was going to be a ring.

Unlike necklaces or pendants, I think rings are a personal joy. When you wear a necklace, it's only seen by others, but when you wear a ring, you can enjoy seeing it on your hand all day.

This particular cabochon is quite hefty. Most of the rings I've made are quite a bit smaller, but what the heck! I don't want to be boring and do the same thing all the time!

Oh and I ended up adding a little dragonfly to the underside of the setting AGAIN! (Yes, I love that stamp.)

More pictures of this ring can be found here.

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  1. Virginia said...
    Gorgeous - as always! One of these days I'm going to ask you to make a ring just for me - my fingers are really long and skinny so most of your beautiful rings would fall right off. In fact, I have a terrible time finding any ring that is a comfortable fit and looks good, but I think something with the wider bands that you use and a nice, charismatic stone would be great.
    Contrariwise said...

    I am really trying to buy unique stones that make a statement, so I appreciate your comment.

    One of the things I've been mulling about is listing just the cabochons in my Etsy shop - so that someone can request a custom ring or pendant made with that particular stone.

    I generally try to make my rings around a size 7 because I've heard that's the most common size. (And it's conveniently my ring size too! :-)
    Anonymous said...
    This is beautiful - love the stone and your setting showcases it beautifully. I really like the Sonora stones also...love how the 2 colors come together.
    Bonghi Vestiti said...
    Just beautiful! Love the colors!
    Baroness Bijoutery said...
    OMG I love that stone...Your work is Stunning as always..The colors of that stone seems to draw me in...
    janaes jewels said...
    You know...your jewelry deserves your signature or trademark dragonfly...and it adds that "hallmark" of the future when we can say...yeah we followed contrari's blog back in the early 2000's (sm).
    Contrariwise said...
    janaes jewels,

    That's just too funny..."followed contrari's blog back in the..."

    But who knows, maybe someday I'll leave the cubicle life of corporate america and do this full time.

    Yeah, one can always dream.
    hopestudios said...
    oh if i only had my income tax refund back! the north-south design is my favorite and i love the signature dragonfly on the back!
    Anonymous said...
    What a beautiful stone, so alluring!!!
    Stacy's Designs 88 said...
    Love this stone. Excellent design setting for this lovely! :)

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