Friday, January 15, 2010

Cherry Creek Jasper Ring

cherry creek picasso jasper ring
I bought this Cherry Creek Jasper cabochon about a year ago. The muted colors are just gorgeous and I couldn't resist it. It was one of a matched pair of stones meant to be set as earrings but I always knew it was destined to become a ring.

Last weekend I finally decided it was time to create with it. (Yes, I know. It's been a year but sometimes it takes me a while. That's the reason why I have a candy dish full of cabochons waiting to be set!) I sketched out a design that I was pretty pleased with and headed out to my workshop to make a ring.

But something happened along the way. No matter how I tried to replicate the design I drew, something told me to change it. It was almost like the stone was telling me what to do it kept changing the design.

The way this ring turned out is much better than I had planned. I'd never made these little vines before but I really like them! I'm definitely thinking about using them in future works.

Oh, and as an afterthought, I decided to add a dragonfly to the back of the setting! (I'm getting awfully fond of that stamp! It may be showing up on more pieces.)

For more photos of the ring, click here.

Oh, and for all you MooShu fans, MooShu Monday is coming up. And this time he's going to be dressing up for it!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Very pretty! I like the addition of the dragonfly on the back as a special touch!
    Mary Richmond said...
    lovely ring!
    fookaDESIGNS said...
    Gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE it! The colors, the design, the vines...even the cute little dragonfly work so well together. You are very talented!
    Contrariwise said...
    Thanks so much.

    It's so gratifying when everything just seems to work on a design and you can see the vision materialize in stone and silver.
    DVArtist said...
    This is a beautiful ring. Very nice

    Anonymous said...
    Gorgeous ring - beautiful stone...sometimes the stones know just what they want you to do with them...this one spoke well!
    Baroness Bijoutery said...
    The ring is Beautiful..Love the stone and the setting you came up with is so perfect for that stone...Sometimes we just have to let the stones speak to us..they always seem to know what they want...
    Campbell Jane said...
    Oh I really love this ring! So beautiful!

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