Friday, April 18, 2008

Yes, we had an aftershock.

I was at work, sitting in my regulation-size cubicle, typing on my company-issue computer, when my ergonomically correct chair started rocking! Then I noticed my computer screen started swaying, which scared me because I thought this had to be non-compliant with company policies.

No one else in the office felt this earthquake because they were all standing around the a.a.'s desk chatting about how the earth moved for them earlier this morning.

I checked the internet and, yes indeed, it was a 4.6 on the scale.


  1. High Desert Diva said...
    yowzer...haven't had the news on...hadn't even heard of the first one. Scary things, aren't they?
    twolefthands said...
    I didn't feel it, but some Michiganders did report some shaking!
    Profusion said...
    I noticed an earthquake once. My 2 computer screens at work were jangling about, which I thought was odd since I weren't bumping into the table at the time. I didn't feel anything besides that, but the lady in the next room noticed it too, and in the evening it was on the news.
    It was quite fun and interesting, because nothing happened and quakes are very rare here.

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