Friday, April 18, 2008

Crafts, tutorials...
Yes it's Friday again! Whoo hoo! The weekend is just about to start (and I had a LONG week) and I get to post my collection of links I found this week. Lets begin with...

How to make paper from junk mail
Do you get a TON of junk mail and don't know what to do with it. You might just want to try this GREEN tutorial and use that un-wanted mail to make new paper!

You'll end up with sheets that have some dark and light bits of paper, rough edges and bumps and creases - perfect for paper arts, scrapbook projects, collage and other fun stuff !

But if you don't really have the ambition to make your own, you can still help the environment because Kimm Supplies offers this paper in her Etsy shop.

Some other papers that you can recycle:

Unprinted computer paper
Newspaper (usually printed with soy inks-will cause grayish color) Magazines (avoid high-gloss)
Egg Cartons
Toilet Paper (preferably unused
Tissue Paper (ditto)
Paper Bags
Non Waxed Boxes (require pre-soaking in water)
Office Paper
Construction Paper
Old Greeting Cards
Phone Book Pages

How about recycled paper sculptures?
BTW, Rachael DiRenna does amazing things with recycled paper.Visit her website and her online shop for some inspiration.

Sewing Supplies Bag

Not only is this bag functional, but it's so cute! I love the fabric that's used.

Even though the tutorial says that the bag is meant for sewing supplies, I think that it could be used for lots of other things.

This tutorial is courtesy of Mackville Road. She has a great blog. To quote her:

Thanks for coming over! Mackville Road is here as proof that I have accomplished something at the end of the day, be it some sewing, some knitting, some unschooling with the children... anything besides the dishes. Although sometimes I have no choice but to write about the dishes, too. Your comments are welcome here, I love to read them.
Check out her online shop, Lulu & Bea, for some great classic children's clothes in wonderful fabrics.

How to make a cork trivet

Usually handmade trivets from recycled wine corks require you to cut corks in half and then glue them to a backing with a wooden frame. I never liked the way they look. And, even though we have a lot of old stray corks in the back of one of our kitchen drawers (you know, we all have one of those catch-all drawers in the kitchen), I've never been inspired to make a trivet from them.

Until now.

This trivot is different. I like the industrial and utilitarian look.

To make the it, all you need are corks, an adjustable metal pipe clamp and a screwdriver. Check out the tutorial.

And more...

Kitty Cupcakes
These can be very sweet and children are especially fond of them. I know you would love them. But sorry, I can't devulge the secret recipe. But I can tell you that it does contain this essential ingrediant:
Essential ingediant for Kitty Cupcakes

Healthful living
One day, I saw a wonderful old gal sitting on her front step, so I walked up to her and said, 'I couldn't help noticing how happy you look. What is your secret for such a long, happy life?

'I smoke ten stogies a day,' she said. 'Before I go to bed, I smoke a nice big joint. All my life, I've eaten only junk food, and I put away at least a fifth of Jack Daniels every week. On weekends, I pop pills, and never do any exercise at all.'

'Absolutely amazing,' I thought, and asked, 'How old are you?'

'Thirty-one,' she replied.

Edible Flying spaghetti monster

Edible Flying Spaghetti Monster
This is for all you Pastafarians out there. How to make your own edible Flying Spaghetti Monster, now with edible working googly eyes!!!

(Courtesy of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.)


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  1. Anonymous said...
    Ohhh I've been making paper all week long ... and a mess doing it.
    The Nature Nut said...
    Wow a recipe to make paper! Thanks a bunch I'm going to try that out. Love your blog and your personality - I'm bookmarking you and will be back for sure :o)
    Jenn & Tom Jorgensen said...
    I love your much fun!

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