Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've been playing with Google Maps recently. Did you know there are hundreds of websites are dedicated to creating “mashups,” which mix Google Maps, with other kinds of data to create websites that are sometimes informative, sometimes entertaining, sometimes ridiculous, and always interesting. For example,

  • you can use the New York On Tap bar and subway map (newyorkontap.com/Subways.asp) to find great hotspots in the City That Never Sleeps. (And then, since you’ll be in no condition to drive, the map also shows you the nearest subway station.)
  • Are you a runner? Or do you want to know how long your hike was the other day? You can use the Gmaps Pedometer (gmap-pedometer.com)
    to digitally retrace your steps.
  • And saving you from a potentially embarrassing situation, there’s Urinal.net (urinal.net/google_map.html), which will help you find a place to do your business anywhere in the United States.
  • For more, here's 100 Fun things to do with Google Map Mash Ups

So, I thought, what can I use Google Maps for?

I started by mapping my sales. In the past 7 months, this is where my jewelry has been mailed to: Photobucket As expected, most of my 174 sales have been shipped to customers in the US. But I've had a fair number of shipments globally. (And I found vast, untapped areas in the world that have been deprived of my jewelry! I need to increase my marketing efforts in South America, Africa, and Asia! LOL)

I also thought it would be cool to creat a google map for my friends. Just click on Contrariwise Friends, below. It'll bring up an interactive map. I'd love it if you 'd add yourself to this map and write a comment!

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  1. Kimberly Monaco said...
    cool little toy! I'm going to play with it and map my sales too! Thanks - I never knew this even existed!

    p.s. I'm from Cleveland, OH
    tamdoll said...
    A great idea! I'd love to do this but can't figure out how - could you help? tamdoll.at.comcast.net

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