Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My daughter, Emma, is 12. She's been doing gymnastics for about 4 yrs and has been competing for the past 3. At this point, she practises about 18 hours a week.

We should have known that she had a talent for gymnastics right from the start . When she was still a toddler, Emma used to like to sneak out of her crib and play in her room when she should have been sleeping. I remember trying to catch her out of her bed. I would tiptoe into her room trying to sneak up on her, but she she would always hear me and make a run for her crib, grab the rails, and do a flip over them onto her mattress!

It was really jaw-dropping.

Just the other weekend, she competed at the State gymnastics tournament.

In gymnastics competitions, there are 4 events. And everyone has a favorite.

  1. Vault. (If your daughters like running full force at a stationary object, this is the event for her.)

  2. Bars. (If she likes peeling off pieces of skin from blisters the size of quarters off her hands, and getting rips on her rips, then this is the event for her.)

  3. Beam. (If she likes falling off a 4 inch wide piece of wood - or worse, onto it - while doing flips and jumps, then this has got to be the event for her.)

  4. Floor. (If she likes to parade around in a leotard getting wedgies, doing dorky choreography, and falling on her butt, face, and pride, then this is definitely the event for her!!! )

Emma likes them all. And the past weekendk she won gold medal for her floor routine, and silver for her beam. Best of all, she got gold for All Around!

Now mom has to share. Here's a short video of Emma from the meet:

(A big thank you to my husband for the photography and editing.)

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  1. High Desert Diva said...
    Bravo Emma!

    My sisters and I watched Nadia Commaneche (sp?) receive the first perfect 10 at the Olympics (back in the day)...we were all hooked on gymnastics. Sadly, I sucked. Two of my sisters were quite good though...
    Anonymous said...
    Oh I held my breath when she was on the balance beam! I broke my arm on one of those in gym class when I wasn't listening to the teacher's instructions.

    Way to go Emma!
    bijouxboutique said...
    You have a very talented daughter, I also did gymnastics when I was a young girl, and I loved every minute of it, hope your daughter does too.
    I loved running full pelt at stationary objects ha ha!

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