Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things that amuse me: sock animals

OK, so I have a thing for sock animals. But I can't help it. They're so CUTE!

There's a seller on Etsy, UppityWomanDesigns, who has some awesome sock animals (among other things). And when I saw one of her creations, Mooch the Dog, I knew he was destined to be part of our family. I mean, how could you not melt when looking at a face like this:

I bought Mooch shortly before Christmas for Emma, who had been lusting at a number of UppityWomansDesigns' sock animals. When she noticed Mooch was sold, she was devastated!

Mooch, however, appeared under the Christmas tree, and Emma was ecstatic! Can't you tell!

That's a photo of Emma with a Playdoh cupcake she made for Mooch. He seemed to like it. Since then, Emma has immortalized Mooch in PlayDoh. (Well, maybe immortal isn't quite the word to use for stuff that has a tendancy to dry up into a shriveled grainy mass of crackled salt dough.)

I don't know if UppityWomanDesigns knows
how much enjoyment she's given to us, but Emma's definitely been amused.
(And maybe I have been, too.)
You can find sock animals and other wonderful creations made by UppityWomanDesigns here.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Oh, my goodness! Emma is so talented! I see a future Etsy shopkeeper there (if her mother ever buys her some REAL clay to work with, lol!)

    Emma's playdoh Mooch is terrific; I'm sure he's thrilled to have been immortalized by her--and to have that lovely cupcake to eat! I know I'm thrilled to have been blogged by her mom! Thanks so much, Anne!
    idyll hands said...
    Hah - what a great posting! I love seeing items people have bought on Etsy in their own surroundings.
    OMB said...
    Mooch is very cute. I love his bright colors. The mini-Mooch is cute. A budding artist on the horizon.
    High Desert Diva said...
    I love that Emma made a play doh version of Mooch!

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