Sunday, February 17, 2008

You may have noticed I haven't posted lately. On Thursday I left for Phoenix for a gymnastics meet with my 12 yr-old daughter, Emma. Every since I left, I haven't been able to access the internet - UNTIL TONIGHT! (Of course I had posts prepared ahead of time. But what good was that! If I had been offline for any longer, I was afraid I might go into DT's! )

So what's been going on?

First, I've had to postpone my Design-A-Day series. I was doing really well, creating a new design each day for about 2 weeks, but with this trip, it just became an impossibility. I get back tomorrow, but with everything going on (i.e. getting back to my 9 to 5 job, laundry, shipping out jewelry orders), I know I won't be able to begin creating until the weekend.

But, you know, I wasn't entirely happy with this Design-A-Day challenge. I really wanted to create something new and innovative each day. But with a day job and 3 kids, it's a good day if I have 1-2 hours in an evening to work on my jewelry.

I had some great ideas for necklaces and bracelets, but it takes time to actually create them. So I felt that I was short-changing myself - and creating and posting only really easy designs.

Anyway, back to our weekend in Phoenix. We had a GREAT WEEKEND! Emma came in FIRST in her age group and level at the gymnastics meet. (And I was a good mommy and took videos of all her events.)

We also did some fun things: we climbed Camelback Mountain (yes, thankfully I brought some Advil), we went to the Science Museum and saw an exhibit on artifacts from the Titanic (yes, this was awesome - when I get home I'm going to have to watch the Leonardo DiCaprio / Kate Winslet movie ), and we went shopping! And we did a really Mommy/Daughter kind of thing: we got Emma's ears pierced! (Which turned out more traumatic than I ever expected.)

Oh yeah, I have photos, which I hope to share with you later this week - along with posts on jewelry and some cool sellers on Etsy!


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