Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I had an idea in my head to create some new swirly silver earrings. But try as I might for the past several days, they just didn't come out right. All of them eventyally went into the trash. It was really frustrating.

So instead of new swirly for my Day 12 design, I'm submitting some earrings that were made with my daughter's help.

Emma was rummaging through my bead boxes, putting together different combinations of beads and she came up with this lovely spring-time combo:

It's her design, I just put them on wire. The beads are czech glass, cherry quartz glass, and lampwork. The colors all go together perfectly. I think she did a great job!

(Now I'm off to put my bead boxes back in order. And to work on those new silver swirl earrings.)


  1. Winniel said...
    Wonderful masterpiece by Emma! n btw, I love your pieces in your etsy shop too!

    thanks for the tips to increase traffic to blogs too, i need to work on that as well :)
    Dharma Designs said...

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