Friday, April 16, 2010

Morrisonite Jasper Necklace

I've become absolutely fascinated with Morrisonite Jasper and have bought quite too many cabochons recently. (I just can't help myself .)  This is the first one that I've set.

Morrisonite Jasper is known as the King of Jaspers.  It's a rare stone that is known world-wide for its deep rich colors and unique patterns. I think you can see why.

Until I started working with cabochons, I never appreciated how special they are.  Some unique stones can only be found in incredibly small areas - for example, in just a single riverbank.  Morrisonite comes from a mine on one side of the Owyhee River canyon in southeastern Oregon near the Idaho border . It's no longer mined .

Therefore, as with Morrisonite, the supply of many beautiful materials is limited. Once gone, they're gone forever.

This particular cabochon of Morrisonite -  in shades of cream, ochres and teal blues - inspired me to create an assymetrical pendant specifically designed to hang at the base of the neck.

More photos of this pendant can be found here.

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  1. Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...
    I like your setting.
    Lilyja said...
    It looks fabulous!
    Contrariwise said...

    The pattern in the cab is so graphic, that I wanted to make a sleek modern setting to help set it off.

    The chains are designed to balance the setting in a particular way, so that it sits assymetrically.
    Kristin said...
    Your work just seems to get more and more stunning with every piece you make. I love it.

    This one is simple yet absolutely gorgeous. Great job :)
    DVArtist said...
    How can one go wrong with Morrisonrite? This is beautiful.
    nancy said...
    Lovely! Great stone and great setting!
    Campbell Jane said...

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