Monday, December 1, 2008

Angels and Demons Trailer

Angels and Demons Trailer

It seems almost a family tradition that we go to the movies on the day after Thanksgiving. I guess we're all sitting with a food hangover, no one wants to brave the malls on Black Friday... so why not a movie!

Well while there, I got to see the Angels & Demons trailer. This movie is based on a book by Dan Brown, who also wrote the DaVinci Code. I've read both books (who HASN'T READ the DaVinci Code) and really preferred Angels and Demons, hands down.

Angels and Demons poster trailer movie mistake error
The story takes place in Rome, much of it in the Vatican. In the opening scene of the trailer there're a breath-taking fly-by over St Peter's. It eventually pans to a statue of an angel on the basilica - FLASH OF LIGHTENING - which turns into a demon.

Very, very cool effect. Except they made a mistake. There are no angels on St Peter's. None. I've been there and the top of St Peter's has huge statues of popes and saints.

Still, I'm looking forward to the movie.

Coming up on Contrariwise Ramblings tomorrow: new jewelry design that didn't turn out. (Hey, we all make mistakes.)

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  1. High Desert Diva said...
    I'm with ya...Angels and Demons was a far better book, although I did enjoy the Da Vinci Code.

    I love Tom Hanks, but I was disappointed with the first movie... hope this one is a bit better 'cause I'm sure to see it!
    Anonymous said...
    Yes! Can't wait for this one to come out. I already told hubbie I have a date night reserved for it. I hope they follow the book and don't try to become creative with the storyline. It's great as it is.

    Looking forward to Brown's next book, The Solomon Key, whenever that finally gets published. It's taking forever.
    swisssidejewelleryetc said...
    I loved this book - the tension was amazing - I was almost afraid to turn the page. Love that Ocean Waves Necklace....
    Contrariwise said...
    Oh, I didn't know another book is coming out soon. I'm going to have to check out the summary at Amazon.
    Catherine Jayne said...
    I loved the book, can't wait to see the movie!
    Jeni said...
    I'm the one who hasn't read the Da Vinci Code. I'm a reader, but have no plans for that one, unless I'm stuck somewhere with only that, Tom Clancy and harlequin romances which is a lot more likely than it sounds.

    Just wanted to chime in ;)
    Jennifer Rose said...
    I really didn't like the movie, or the book. way too predictable. I haven't read Angel and Demons, I might just to see what it is about, but only see the movie if its free lol
    Lizardo Art said...
    I can't wait to see the movie. I like Anges and Demons better than the DaVinci code, although I enjoyed both.
    Dave said...
    Tom Hanks is getting his feet wet with the religious themes lately, it seems like it was only a short time ago he did the DaVinci Code?

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