Monday, February 15, 2010

Ocean Jasper Ring

I had lots of plans for today.  I 'd finished several new rings over the weekend and I was going to list them in my shop.  The photos were taken, the descriptions written, all I had to do was get on line and click a few little buttons.

But then I got into work and found that I had SEVEN HOURS OF MEETINGS on my calendar.  (Aren't there OSHA laws against that?!?)

So I never got around to listing my new rings, ended up working late, and now am finally logging on after dinner.


Anyway,  I just listed this Ocean Jasper Ring.

This is becoming one of my favorite stones.  I love each piece of Ocean Jasper because they're all unusual and unique.  This one has peach colored eyes surrounded by green lacework.  The background is white but it's even got little swirls in it!

In order to play off the orbs in the stone, I added some solid silver orbs of my own in the setting. I textured the ring band with various sizes of "circles" in a pattern, and the cut-out circles in the back of the setting are supposed to be orbs in reverse.  Then everything's been oxidized and polished to bring out the highlights.

(And there's that contrariwise dragonfly again!)

More photos can be found in the listing.

I'll just have to list my other rings tomorrow -  I'm tired but I still have the kitchen to pick up!  (Hubby is off picking Emma up at gymnastics, so I'm not complaining.)    

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Go on.  Don't be shy.

And yes.  Those are my fingers.  With the winter weather they're dry and looking bad.  Thankfully I figured out how to use photoshop to "smudge" the background, so that I can highlight the ring and not draw attention to my hands.




  1. DVArtist said...
    I love the Ocean Jasper. You have balanced the stone and silver perfectly. Beautiful ring.

    Contrariwise said...
    Many thanks for your complement. I was really hoping I could achieve that balance.
    Anonymous said...
    It's gorgeous! Lovely composition and you always make such gorgeous houses (? for lack of a better technical term) for your gems.

    I hate it when work gets in the way of crafting.
    hopestudios said...
    another fine piece! i've always said i had *artist* hands...they've looked old since i was in my teens. but your ring i own def makes 'em look better!
    ps - saw your amethyst ring on handpicked today! cool!
    hopestudios said...
    pps - i meant that i saw your ring on Etsy Finds...congrats!!! and i see that it sold...double congrats!!!
    Contrariwise said...
    Thanks! I don't even know what "Etsy Finds" is. If anyone can forward it to me it would be great.

    All I know is that I sold 5 items, got orders for several more, got TONS of hearts, and have spent the evening packing up the orders instead of blogging!

    kathleen grant said...
    I love your blog and use it for a resource
    I would be honored it you would follow my blog

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