Thursday, February 11, 2010

I spend a lot of time searching for unusual cabochons. Set stones you buy in most stores are pretty run-of-the-mill and were cut from slabs of rock to maximize the number of cabs without much artistry.  Designer cabs are carefully cut to bring out the best from the rock. Personally, I'd rather spend a little extra money to have something that is unique, unusual, and beautiful.

Here are just a few of the cabs that I have that are the right size for mid to larger sized rings. 

And yes, it's only a small part of my collection.  I really keep them in a candy dish and every once in a while a few are selected and made into jewelry. 

I'll plan to do a few more of these posts in the near future to share some more of the cabs that I have with you.  These are amongst my smaller cabs; I'll post larger ones that would work well in pendants next.

And if you happen to see a cab that you like, let me know.  I can make a custom piece of jewelry for you.  Check out my shop (and my recent sales) for examples of my work.


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  1. Gallery32 said...
    These are so colorful and pretty. Thanks for posting :)
    hopestudios said...
    wow, you can really get lost looking into each one and all their unique details. i bet the heliotrope is cool in person.
    Contrariwise said...
    What I find really amazing is how certain stones are limited to really small areas. I never realized this before. They might be found in a single riverbank, or in one field. Once they've been collected, that's it.

    The names often correspond to the location that they're found. Morgan Point, Graveyard Point, Priday, for example.
    Dana said...
    I love rocks, gems and cabochons are wonderful little works of art. My husband has a wonderful little genie and can make his own (for me of course), but I have a hard time getting him in the garage to do some wonderful creating. Humm I may have to learn how to make them myself.

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