Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You can find lots of unique items on Etsy. In fact, you can spend days just looking at items that range from high art to garage sale rejects.

Somewhere in between are the stuffed bunnies that SpiderCamp makes. (At least SpiderCamp claims they're bunnies.)
There are various categories of bunnies. First are The Bunnies Of Purity. These include such friendy creatures as The Happy Skinny Baby-Safe Red Bunny with Orange Heart:

Or The Odd Happy Blue Bunny with Ear Issues and Little Yellow Heart:

And The Happy Green Geek Bunny:

<---I swear this guy lives in the cubicle next to mine at work.

Then there's the category called Bunnies What Swear.

A perfect example is this cute little creature aptly named Sweet Little Pink Bunny with the Terrible F Word:

<---Got to love the strategically placed censoring thumb.

One of my son's favorite words is "poop" which he likes to pipe up unexpectedly in fine Tourettesian form. (This would make a great story all itself...maybe another day.) So when Christmas shopping time rolled around, I just had to get one of these little creatures for his stocking. After poring over SpiderCamp's offerings, I finally decided on this one:

The Unhappy Blue Poop Bunny:

I plunked down my $13 through PayPal and a week later he arrived. What Spidercamp didn't mention in the item description is that her bunnies can fly! Do you know what the velocity of a blue poop bunny flung across the living room is? Well, neither do I, but with the proper trajectory he could make it clear across the house!

Come Christmas, I'm hoping my son might forget about the poop bunny when he returns to college. Otherwise, I'll be visiting SpiderCamp's shop again. Maybe I'll get a WTF bunny next time. Or maybe some of her crocheted pocket bacon.

You can find more of her bunnies at http://www.spidercamp.etsy.com/

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