Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a quick post to show you a custom pendant I've been working on.

It's still very rough, so please don't mind the unsanded edges and the lack of finish.   But here it is, warts and all!  I'll be working on it some more over the next couple of days and I PROMISE it'll look better.

The buyer and I started this custom piece by scouring the internet looking for a large Sleeping Beauty cab.  Finding such a nice clear blue stone without much matrix was a bit more difficult than I imagined, but we finally found two that were very close to what she wanted.  I bought both and planned to return the one she didn't want, but it was so nice that I couldn't stand to part with it.  (Can you believe that! )

She liked the designs of a couple of other of my pieces, an ocean jasper pendant and a cherry creek ring, so I started making some sketches.
What usually happens is that I make some sketches, the buyer decides which elements she likes, I make more sketches, and we come to an agreement on the design.

The first batch of sketches, which you see on the left, weren't quite what she had in mind, but that's quite alright. With her input, I got the design she wanted the next time around.

However, I'm definitely keeping these sketches for future projects and inspiration.  I really like a few of them.  In fact, can you see the middle drawing in the top row?  I've started making that setting already.  You know, I thought the poor turquoise cab that was rejected needed a home.


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  1. Liz said...
    wow interesting and beautiful designs!
    hopestudios said...
    what a nice piece of sleeping beauty! fab design, too. it's gonna be stunning!

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