Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first post ever

Uh oh. Now I have a blog. But what do I do with it. I guess I'll find out.

(...10 minutes later)
Well maybe I will start with talking about one of my hobbies, which is jewelry making. I've been making jewelry for quite a few years and have started selling recently. Not that I've ever made a profit. Oh no, I only hope to make a few bucks to support my habit.

So I found this website called Etsy, where you can post your hand-made stuff and supposedly sell it. (Note the word "supposedly")

Sounds easy. It's not.

First, there are only a gazillion other people who make handcrafted jewelry, and so the competition is stiff. Then nobody really seems to know about Etsy - so it becomes your job to advertise.

I don't think anyone can really make a living there. But it's sort of exciting to be able to set up a shop and see your work on the internet
You can visit my etsy site at this address http://www.contrariwise.etsy.com/

And since I have to hone my bloggins skills, let me show you what I listed this week on Etsy.

(...30 minutes later...)
And here they are:

Now let me spruce up this blog some more.

(...3 hours later.....)Look, I finally got a thumbnail album up. There it is on the right side of this page. (Thank you Lisa for the helpful hint.)


  1. Unknown said...
    Nice work and good pictures - good luck!
    Lynn of lynnsattic
    Contrariwise said...
    Thanks! I'll need to post more! (If I can tear my kids away from the computer. What an ordeal!)
    Mathilde Ponthieux said...
    Hi there!
    I design jewels myself and I have to admit that I have difficulties now finding jewels I like ... but yours!! they are really GREEAAAT!!
    i discovered your work on flickr and wish you the best of luck...
    I actually have the same kind of life as yours (I just work in advertising instead of science!!)
    you can visit my blog at http://mekongmoon.blogspot.com/ I would love to have your feelings about my work too! (ok it's in french but pictures will show..)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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