Monday, March 15, 2010

A stamped copper bracelet

It's odd how suddenly an idea can come into your head.  In my mind, I've been envisioning a bracelet made of silver square links, each of the squares stamped with a different pattern.

This idea has been knocking around my head for a couple of weeks but it wasn't until last Thursday that I had some time to work on it.

This was going to be a heavy chunky bracelet.  And because I had NO IDEA OF WHAT I WAS DOING, I decided that I better try it copper first.  Otherwise, I might end up with a lot of very expensive scrap silver.

As I went along, I learned what worked and what didn't work so well. Everything fell into place SORT OF how I wanted it.  I had the links all finished and connected, but I had no ideas of what to do  for the closure.  I went to bed a little disappointed and didn't know what to do next.

I left the bracelet alone for the next couple of days.  I liked the way it had progressed but I was afraid that the wrong clasp woul completely ruin it.

Seriously.  I DREAMT clasps in my sleep:  snaps, hooks, toggles.

Saturday morning I was dozing in bed and it was about time to get up.  But  I was just lying there, enjoying the warmth of my bed, not wanting to get out, half dreaming and thinking about the bracelet.  All of a sudden, out of absolutely no where, it came to me.  I knew EXACTLY how I was going to finish the bracelet.

Once I knew how I wanted the clasp to look, it didn't take me long that day to finish the bracelet.

Each link is stamped with a different pattern:  flowers, hearts, stars, bubbles, etc.   And I created a toggle by cutting it into the last square link.  The bar has been hand- fabricated and stamped to match the pattern of the bracelet.

This is what I really like to do.  Create something completely out of my head and try to figure out how to do it without using any directions. I'm completely self-taught, and trying to figure out the techniques is so much fun.  It probably takes me ten times as long, but at least I'm enjoying myself.
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  1. Unknown said...
    Nice! I like your way of working. You get an idea and you try it out in a less expensive metal first. And it turned out well.
    I had this idea for a beaded necklace today, but it is not ready yet.
    Best wishes
    hopestudios said...
    how pretty! truly a OOAK! are you gonna list it???
    geez...i only dream that i'm hearding cats. :/
    raquel roysdon said...
    I love your creativity! You're an artist keeping doing it!
    Contrariwise said...
    I might list it later today if I have the time. Although I may have a buyer for it.

    I wore it to work today - I always wear new necklace and bracelet designs once to see if they lay properly and to make sure there are no problems with them. (No problems with this one. And there is no way the clasp is ever going to accidentally open.)

    Anyway, someone was very interested in it especially because it"s copper. She wears a copper bangle for her arthritis and thought this bracelet would be so much prettier.
    hopestudios said...
    i'd love to see you do more copper pieces. even rings. but that bracelet is so cool! don't ya love it when they want to buy it right off ya?
    Contrariwise said...

    I used to have one wire-wrapped copper ring in my shop, but I worry about the copper turning fingers green, don't you?

    I suppose if you only wore it on occasion, it wouldn't be a problem.
    hopestudios said...
    i've never had a problem with copper & my skin turning green, but i guess it depends on your body chemistry & sweating maybe. i think you can coat copper so it seals it, too. anyway, a copper band ring similar to your bracelet style would be cool! i love copper & with the price of silver climbing...ugh!
    Kristin said...
    Re the copper turning fingers green - it really depends on the individual, and most individuals know if copper turns them green or not, though it could be a source of concern for someone who it's naive about the information.

    I made a ring a while back out of copper that I was able to wear daily and it didn't turn my finger green, but I made a ring for my roommate out of copper and her finger was green before the day was over. It also might depend on the kind of copper -- my ring was made out of "jewelry copper" which was designed just for that: jewelry. Her ring was made out of round copper wire you get at a hardware store, so that might have something to do with it.

    It might be something to look into though :) A lot of people love copper jewelry!

    Kristin said...
    By the way - I love this bracelet :) It's very unique and fantastic that it worked the first time you tried it when it just popped into your head!
    Dana said...
    I think the linked copper bracelet turned out great and will look smashing out of sterling silver also. Love reading your blog..I lurk here quite often enjoying your projects. LOL

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