Saturday, March 28, 2009

A bezel-set pendant for spring

Here's another new piece I've worked on recently. A pendant, bezel-set in silver:
I love the light green color of this stone which is perfect for spring and summer. I bought the stone, along with some others, from a friend of mine. He's a retired professor who's had hobbies in metalwork and lapidary - and now he's made it into a business for himself.

He cut and polished this stone himself and told me what it is - but I promptly forgot the name! So I haven't listed it in my Etsy shop. Not to worry. I'll should be seeing him this weekend at a local bead and gem show, and I'll ask him. (But THIS TIME, I'll write the name down.)

I've also been practicing sawing metal. (And breaking a lot of saw blades in the process!) Usually the backs of pendants are open and openings are symmetrical or cut close to the bezel. I thought I'd try something different and make an interesting opening in the back:
What do you think?

Oh. And did you notice those little silver balls on the side? I recently had a project go a bit awry and it had to be punished. Oh yes. It melted down nicely into lovely little spheres of molten silver.


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  1. Karen said...
    that necklace is gorgeous! Very nice work. I like your shop. Very nice pictures and good quality stuff!
    Anonymous said...
    Beautiful necklace...I too love to punish my silver.
    raquel roysdon said...
    I am a follower. I think your jewelry is outstanding! Great job. Would you be interested in an doing an interview on my Jewelry Tuesday blog?
    email me at
    kathleen grant said...
    I love your shop and photos
    AnvilArtshop said...
    Love your sense of humor AND your work. :) Another beautiful piece!
    Contrariwise said...

    BTW, I found out the name of this stone. It's reticulated jasper and it was mined in Africa.

    I think I'm starting to fall in love with jasper. They're so many different forms and colors!

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